Sugar Daddy Guru is a niche dating review site that focuses solely on sugar daddy sites. All content is written by Steve Jabba, a well-known dating coach from the United Kingdom who has been teaching men how to meet the woman (or women) of their dreams since 2013.

Why Focus On Sugar Daddy Sites? Why Are They Better Than Normal Dating Sites?

Because sugar daddy sites are a largely untapped goldmine for men over 30 who seek attractive, slim, feminine women. Despite what you may think about these types of dating sites, they actually provide the best opportunity for respectable well-adjusted men to meet an attractive woman.

Here’s why :

  • They usually have a much more favourable female / male ratio. Most normal, vanilla dating sites have more than 4 times more men than women. The best sugar daddy sites have 4 times more women than men. By pure numbers alone, men stand a better chance of meeting a woman from sugar daddy sites than more traditional dating sites.
  • Despite what the website calls itself, there is usually a high % of women who are NOT only looking for an arrangement or financial compensation. It is counterintuitive, but when you know what to look for, it becomes very obvious.
  • When you meet a girl from a sugar daddy site for a date, you’re just a man and a woman on a date. If you do your job properly, she shouldn’t even be thinking about financial compensation to spend time with you.

This is what this entire website is about : empowering men to finally get success using online dating by leveraging the favourable aspects of sugar dating to their advantage.

When you do this correctly, you’re happy, she is happy because she’s entering into a relationship with a guy who has prospects…And my job is done.

Welcome to Sugar Daddy Guru!

Steve Jabba, June 2021

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