How Much Should You Pay A Sugar Baby? NOTHING! Here’s Why…

If you’re thinking of signing up to Seeking Arrangement, you might be wondering how much do sugar daddies pay for a date? The answer should be NOTHING, beyond the cost of the date itself. If you think you should pay a girl money just to meet with you, your thinking is all wrong.

Why? Because Seeking Arrangement is the best dating site in the world for men over 30 , and if you use it correctly, you should be meeting normal women for a normal relationship. Although the site is ostensibly a sugar daddy site, when you peer beneath the surface you’ll find it’s a great resource for meeting a potential partner for a convential relationship.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Seeking Arrangement Ecosystem

  • About 20 % of women on seeking arrangement will only meet you if you pay for a date. They are out and out gold diggers, and are not looking for any kind of normal relationship with you.
  • About 40 – 50 % of women are on the fence, and would defnitely go out on a normal date with you if you flick their attraction switches and they are intrigued by you.
  • About 10% of women are avowed ANTI Sugar Babies, and will not even countenance accepting cash for a meet.

how much should you pay a sugar baby

Don’t be like this chump

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How To Be More Appealing To The Women On Seeking Arrangement

You need to use game basics on Seeking Arrangement. Think of it as a normal dating site, but with exceptionally hot women.

Your profile and pictures need to be on point to pique the interest of the ladies on the site – read the linked article and follow the instructions before you set up your account.

Your Opening Message On Seeking Arrangement – What Should You Send?

Your opening message needs to stand out, so read her profile first and pick out something specific about her that you notice, then reference it when you send the message. For example, if she mentions that she particularly likes chocolate cookies from Walmart, you could talk about that:

“Love your pics, but a little concerned about the Walmart Cookies. You don’t eat too many do you? I wouldn’t want to start dating you, then suddenly notice you’ve gained 30 lbs a couple of months after we jump into bed!”

You’ll notice I am being deliberately cheeky and a little non PC. Firstly because it’s funny, and secondly because you want to stand out from all the boring chumps who say exactly the same thing.

Also, you’ll notice I reference “jumping into bed” straight away. You’ll want to be a little cocky and funny like that – it’s a proven formula for creating attraction and intrigue in a woman.

By adopting this approach, you immediately stand out from the competition who skirt around the issue of sex for fear of “upsetting” her. That is chump blue pill thinking, exactly the kind of thinking that means some men pay copious amounts of money to date the hotties on sugar daddy sites..Whereas men who understand game pay nothing and have a genunine relationship with the hot girl in question.

Remember, once you bring money into the equation in a relationship, it can never be forgotten and she will forever think of you as a lesser man. So start off on the right foot and don’t even think about it.

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On The Date With Your Sugar Baby

date with a sugar baby

There should be no awkward moments on your date about money!

You should never have awkward moments on a date with a sugar baby where you’re both wondering how much you will pay her. You need to be upfront about your intentions and position right from the beginning :

  • Your profile should mention that you do NOT spend money to spend time with a girl
  • You are happy to pay for dates, holidays – you’re a traditional man that way – but you are not interested in Pay Per Meet
  • You are looking for a genuine relationship with a girl who isn’t interested in money
  • Actively screen out girls who are only looking for money. “If you just want a guy who will hand you envelopes of money for your time, that isn’t me” Or similar.

Be consistent with your profile. When you send her a message and there seems to be some kind of spark, invite her out on a date. As a general rule of thumb aim to send between 4-6 messages before you broach a date.

Sequence: Read Profile —> Send Messages —> 5-6 Messages —-> Get Number —Get Out On Date

If you’re stuck about what to write in your profile, do read my Ultimate guide to an attractive profile on seeking arrangement.


Despite what you may have read on more blue pill websites, you do not have to pay a sugar baby money to meet you for a date. BUT this only applies if she is genuinely attracted to you. Follow the guidance on this website, and you will find Seeking Arrangement is a treasure trove of hot ladies who are open to a real relationship..With the right guy.

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