How To Set Your Profile Photo On Seeking Arrangement

If you’re new to Seeking Arrangement and you haven’t yet set your profile photo, here’s how to do it.

If you don’t do this, your profile photo might well be empty, which means your profile will get 0 views, 0 attention – so no love for you!

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Upload Your Public Photos

Upload all the photos you want to your public profile. NOTE : When it says “public”, it means public on the website. It doesn’t mean that users will be able to see the photos if they are not signed into the Seeking website.

Then hover over the gear icon to set your profile photo. Click on the gear icon and click “set as primary”

set profile photo seeking arrangement

Your profile photo is now set! This photo will now be the main photo on your seeking arrangement profile (see image below to see what it looks like)

seeking arrangement profile photo
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