Is Seeking Arrangement Confidential? Full Answer Here

How safe is the information provided on Seeking Arrangement?

Since the Seeking Arrangement website explicitly targets those looking for a relationship in exchange for allowances (or arrangements), it has faced much criticism. There have been controversies surrounding the safety of information and potential phishing.

However, despite unfounded rumours to the contrary, Seeking Arrangement is a safe site for both parties who want to be cared for by each other consensually.
Here’s how the company guarantees the safety of your data and the security of your online experience:

Profile Text And Photos, User Authenticity

If a user uploads a profile photo with a fake picture or tries to impersonate somebody else, the image and profile get taken down without ever being approved. It is only after approval that you can upload a profile photo.

The dating website also provides a purely optional security feature which is a great way to ensure your authenticity. Using this, you pay and allow Optimum Screening, a third-party company, to check your background. If you fail the background check test, you may not receive a badge or payment refund. However, if you pass the check, the website displays a “Background Verified” mark on your profile.

Besides these safety measures, Seeking Arrangement reserves the right to use personal data to block suspicious scammers, prevent fraud and investigate online abuse and harassment as mentioned in its privacy policy.

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Has The Seeking Arrangement Website Ever Been Hacked?

As per our research, has never been hacked, nor the users experienced such activities on their profiles. This is because the company uses strict guidelines to safeguard profile safety and security.

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The Seeking Arrangement Website Is Perfectly Safe And Secure

Are my pictures and bio crawlable?

Most websites allow crawlers (web spiders or bots) to access the content of their pages on major search engines for better reach. At Seeking Arrangement, this option is disabled to protect your personal data. Therefore, your profile and bio stay protected from being discovered by search engines even if somebody tries to look you up on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine.

Although linking your Seeking profile with other social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn may earn you a legitimate account badge, it also means your privacy is at risk. Therefore, the company advises its users not to use usernames that they may have used on their other social platforms to avoid potential stalking issues. Sharing your full name, address, and number with other members may also be a threat to your privacy.

So What Is Seeking Arrangement All About?

Looking for love online isn’t a new concept. Over the years, dating apps and sites have become the go-to place to find companions and potential life partners. With the never-ending number of dating sites in America, Seeking Arrangement has made its way through the sea of brands. This has been possible because their services focus on a niche dating concept. Members of this site find sugar daddies/mommies or sugar babies and make arrangements as per their needs.

Owned and built by Brandon Wade in the year 2006, Seeking Arrangement is no stranger to the online dating world. Since its inception, its users have multiplied by thousands every year. Today the company has an active membership of 10 million users worldwide. Although the website uses and has removed “arrangement” from its URL, people still widely recognize it as Seeking Arrangement.

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If you are a successful man or woman who wants to pamper someone while bonding with them, this dating site is for you.

But that’s not where their service ends. If you’re an ambitious young person who wants to go out and enjoy life to the fullest under someone’s care, this site is for you as well.

Therefore, this website is a perfect platform where sugar mommies/daddies (Successful Member) meet sugar babies (Attractive Member) for relationships in exchange for allowances and luxurious experiences.

While 80% of its members comprise attractive sugar babies, 20% are successful groups looking for companions. With its tagline “Relationships on Your Terms,” Seeing Arrangement allows its members to directly put across their terms of the relationship without beating around the bush. It promises genuine matchmaking services for its members.

Some great features of Seeking Arrangement

Apart from being a great place to meet sugar daddies or mommies and sugar babies, the website provides some excellent features for its members.

  • The site allows each sugar daddy/mommy to have a maximum of four sugar babies.
  • The registration process takes hardly 5 minutes with signing-in options using social media accounts, or just an email address.
  • If you’re signing up as a sugar baby with your college email ID, you get an extra perk, i.e., your account gets upgraded to premium for free.
  • Both the website and app have a minimalistic and straightforward user interface.
  • Once you sign up, the site will suggest matches based on your preferences and arrangement expectations.
  • You can make your profile and photo gallery private, and people can only view them with your permission.
  • Messaging option is free for all users with approved profile photos. You can upgrade to premium to get chat services without a profile photo.
  • Besides the premium subscriptions, members can also purchase a one-time premium package and diamond membership for sugar daddies and mommies. Diamond members have two main perks. Seeking Arrangement highlights and promotes profiles with such membership and ranks them higher in search results.
  • Regular subscription of the lowest duration starts at only 99.99 USD.

With so many unique features, you are in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet and socialize with thousands, if not tens of thousands of interesting people in the community.

To summarize

Seeking Arrangement is a place for genuine relationships and opportunities to experience finer things in life, despite a faulty image that people have attached to it. It is not a place for sex opportunists or financial opportunists. Infact, the company is strictly against escort and prostitution services through its site and therefore bans any suspected profiles involved in such unscrupulous activities.

So, if you’re still under the misconception that is for scammers and questionable business, you may be under the wrong impression.

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