Seeking Arrangement Create Account – Is It Worth It?

If you’re thinking of creating a Seeking Arrangement account, you’ll want to know if it’s worth it. The answer is YES – especially for a man over 30.

Despite what you may have read on other sites, it is perfectly possible to meet gorgeous women on seeking arrangement for a normal, non-transactional relationship. But you need to have some game, and approach it in the right way.

Here are the principle advantages of seeking arrangement over other dating sites:

  • 4 women for every man. No other dating site on earth offers this advantage
  • The women on the site are far more attractive than you see on normal dating sites – at least 2 points hotter
  • There are hardly any land whales on Seeking Arrangement
  • Girls are looking for a guy to settle with in a relationship
  • Far more choice and girls WILL respond to your messages

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How Hot Are The Girls On Seeking Arrangement?

Have a look at some example female profiles. These are just a sample of the search results in London, United Kingdom:

seeking arrangement example female profiles

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You won’t find large numbers of women as hot as this on any other dating site. Moreover, the female / male ratio is reason enough to sign up to seeking and give it a go.

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