Why Seeking Arrangement Is The No 1 Sugar Daddy Site For Men

The Problem With Most Dating Sites: Far More Men Than Women

The No 1 problem that men face on most dating sites is the unfavourable female / male ratios. In some parts of the world the gender imbalance is as bad as 9 to 1.

Ogury, a data-driven advertising company conducted a study in 2019 to assess dating app usage worldwide. Here are their findings:

dating app usage by country
The problem is compounded when you pass a certain age. Over the age of 30, the algorithms on most dating site will start to filter you out, regardless of whether you want to meet younger women (and let’s be honest, most of us do).

Women exercise their right to choose with abandon on most dating sites. They can filter by age, height, race, and more recently, whether you’ve taken the Coronavirus vaccine. And why not? They have endless choice. Purely from a userbase perspective, they have the upper hand – meaning they won’t even read let alone reply to your well-intentioned messages (regardless of how witty they are.)

So what does this mean for you? In the name of scientific data-driven research, I conducted a fake female online dating profile experiment in 2019 on Pof.Com. I submitted a fake female dating profile called Daisy Dukes.

Daisy was a HUMONGOUS, hairy-chested pig-nosed woman. Not only was she physically repulsive, but her profile was low effort, low IQ and thoroughly unappealing.

Here are the pictures I used :

pif nose pof girl 1
pig nose pof girl 3
I think you can guess what happened next. This…thing got lots – and I mean lots of messages and attention. In total, she received 38 messages in the first 24 hours of profile go live.

Just imagine how many more it would be if she was average or above average looking. Check out her profile views below:

daisy dukes men viewing profile
I think you get the picture. There is a significant problem with male thirst on most internet dating sites precisely because of the out of whack female / male gender imbalance. The problem is exercerbated the older you get, and is also strongly influenced by the dating algorithm.

For example, On Tinder the ELOI score will start to bury your profile if attractive women are not right swiping you. Unless you pay loads of money to them of course – (and even then you probably won’t get much joy. The women simply have too much choice.)

How Seeking Arrangement Solves This Problem

This is one of the key advantages of Seeking Arrangement. In most US states the appalling female / male ratio problem is reversed: there are on average 4 times more women than men. Check this out:

women vs men seeking arrangement
Don’t believe me?

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Not only that, but the women are on average far more attractive than you would see on most dating sites.  Here’s a sample of random female users from the 1st page of search results in London, United Kingdom.  Remember, I just picked these at random from girls who are online at the time of searching.  I have removed their names, for obvious reasons:

seeking female profile examples london
Pretty attractive I think you would agree!  Much more attractive than most online dating sites you will have signed up to and tried before.

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What Are the Girls On Seeking Arrangement Looking For?

This is where it gets interesting.  When you hear the words “seeking arrangement”, you naturally assume that the majority of the girls will be seeking a transactional relationship.  The site will be filled to the brim with gold diggers who only want you for your money.

But actually, you’d be mistaken.  This is one of the reasons why this site is not only the No 1 Sugar Daddy Site in the world…But also the best option for men over 30 to meet an attractive woman (or women) period.

You see, there is an ecosystem on this website.  About 20% of the women on the site are out and out gold diggers and are looking only for men who will provide them with an arrangement – monthly payments, buying them gifts, and so on.

But the majority of the women – I’d estimate about 60 – 80% are somewhat on the fence..Or are explicitly NOT looking for a man to pay for their lifestyle and give them money.  Actually, they are simply looking for a mature man who will treat them well.  A man they might have a future with.  A man they can settle down with.  A man just like you.

Here’s just one profile example I found : 

example profile seeking 1
example profile seeking 2
Now, there’s a very good chance that if you were to message that particular girl, you could get her out on a date without any discussion of arrangements, financial compensation or gifts.  She talks about “unforgettable moments together”.  Does that sound like a girl who is strictly after money, or someone who would like to go on an amazing date..Or a weekend away to a romantic location?

These are the exact kinds of experiences you can have on this website.  The typical girl on there is over 22, perhaps a little fed up with wasting their looks and beauty on drongos who don’t appreciate them.  The kind of girl that fell for a player, or a chad..And is now looking to settle with a guy with prospects, who can take her out and who she can build a life with.

There are millions of profiles like this on the site.  It’s a treasure trove of attractive women who are looking for a sincere relationship.

candle lit dinner on the beach

Does this look appealing to you?

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Low Competition On Seeking Arrangement

You’ll face little competition from young good looking guys on seeking arrangement.  I contacted seeking for their coment, and their rep told me : 

The average age of a male sugar daddy is 42.  The problem most guys have is they don’t know how to approach the women.  They say “how much?” and expect the girl to respond.  It doesn’t work that way on here.

Comment From Seeking Rep On Their Male Sugar Daddies.

This ties in with my experience of the site.  I’ve been on countless dates with attractive women from seeking arrangement (and NO, I didn’t pay!), and the girls all sing the same tune…The guys on the site don’t know how to initiate a conversation.  They think it is all about money and gifts.  They lack basic charm and knowledge of game.  Fundamentally, they don’t know how to treat a woman and make her happy.

Profile And Picture Tips On Seeking Arrangement

Pro Tip: Just think of this dating site as a normal dating site (which it basically is), which just happens to have millions of very attractive female members who are looking for settled, older guys.  Approach women in the usual way.

Here are some basic tips to standing out on this website and getting attention:

  • Use good quality clear photos.  Hint at an interesting, free lifestyle.  Use pictures of you on a beach or a plane. With friends.  With animals.
  • Try to show that you have the resources to take her out at the very least.  Do you have pictures of you in a suit? At a wedding? Any pictures of you drinking a glass of wine in a nice restaurant?
  • Be very careful when taking pictures of you with other women.  Don’t do the dorky PUA trick of taking random pictures of you with girls you just met at a bar with a hover hand.  Smart girls can tell that you don’t know the girls.  Instead, use pictures of you with girls you have met and who like you..And then cut the girls face out.

Here are some of my profile pictures to give you some ideas: 

me on beach seeking arrangement
me seeking talking in front of audience
me seeking 3 with girl
me seeking 4 with st bernard dog
I hope you can see what I an attempting here. 

  1. The 1st image is against a beautiful blue background, so it is clear from my location in the UK that it must have been taken abroad.  If you’re from the UK, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  It suggests I am well travelled and like warm, beautiful locations.
  2. The 2nd image is of me talking in front of an audience in a somewhat charismatic pose.  It hints at being a leader of men, since I am the one standing up and other men are listening to me.  (You could use any photo of you in a business meeting or making a speech and get a similar effect)
  3. The 3rd image of me is with an attractive woman, hinting that I know how to make girls happy, and that attractive women like to be in my company.
  4. The 4th image with the dog shows I love dogs (which I do), and ties in with my profile heading “I hope you like dogs”.

In my profile description, I paint a picture of her and I eloping together, living in a warm beautiful location in a house by the beach with 2 or 3 dogs running around.  I talk about eating on the beach by candlelight, taking the dogs out for walks with her then laughing as they run around the house with their big sandy paws.

The whole point of the profile and pictures is to show you’re a multi-faceted man who loves women, travels, likes a free and sensuous lifestyle.  Your profile should be evocative and get her fantasising about living this lifestyle with you.

I also reference that I am older but still full of energy.  But typically for the British, I display some self-deprecating humour and note some of the drawbacks of age, such as hair growing out of my ears. I then state that she MUST be OK with occasionally shaving my inner ears, as I keep forgetting due to old age, and it’s an unpleasant job.

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