Seeking Arrangement Profile Tips For Men [Ultimate Guide 2021]

Why Your Seeking Arrangement Profile Is Important

If you’re wondering if women actually bother to read your profile on seeking arrangement, the answer is YES. I know as guys we tend to look at the pictures only and make a decision on that alone, but women glance at the pictures and then spend ages reading your profile and trying to work out what it means. So it is absolutely worth spending the time to get it right.

The first bit to get right is the profile heading.

seeking arrangement example profile heading

Seeking Arrangement Profile Headine

You want to stand out and a good way is to write something humorous and self-deprecating. Every guy writes cheesy things like “seeking a hot girl for a nice relationship” or “looking for some eye candy”…Don’t be that guy. Try to be different.

A simple declarative statement will do well.

Mine is: “I hope you like dogs”

Here are some more examples of your heading for your seeking arrangement profile:

  • “G & T In The Sun?”
  • “Weekend away at the beach?”
  • “”My names not Jesus, but the size of my co** is a miracle!”
  • “”I’m not wan*ing as I type this”
  • “I’ve got the world’s sexiest hat”
  • “Talented but grumpy old man”

How To Write A Good Seeking Arrangement Profile

You want an intriguing opening statement that says something true about yourself, leads into your main profile description, and that makes a minor demand. You should state what you want because you want to come across as discerning and choosy, rather than a guy who will take whatever he can get.

This is known as demonstrating preselection, and it’s a well-known attraction switch. It is universally attractive to all women – so use it!

You also want to provide a girl with a hook, so that she has something to comment on to contact YOU first if she likes the look of you. Writing a unique profile heading gives her just that hook.

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Seeking Arrangement Profile Pictures – All You Need To Know

Your profile pictures on seeking arrangement are probably the most important part of your entire profile, so you MUST get them right. Let’s start with what you should try to convey with your pictures:

  • You should try to show you are well travelled. Any pictures of you where you are clearly in a foreign location are perfect. Try to show off a range of unique locations.
  • Try and demonstrate that you have an interesting lifestyle and like fine things. Any pictures of you in a suit? At a wedding perhaps? Sitting on a beach drinking a glass of wine? In an art gallery? You’re trying to show off your lifestyle so that she can fantasise about enjoying it with you.
  • Try to show 2 sides to your personality. So, perhaps a picture of you with a dog, or caring for a small child. And then pictures of you holding a gun, or standing next to a piece of military hardware. Anything that shows masculinity, but also hints at a nurturing, caring side.
  • You should attempt to show preselection again in your photos. So you can include photos of you with women, and the more attractive the better! BUT – don’t use pictures with girls you just met in a bar, an old PUA trick that just looks cheesy and obvious. An intelligent, classy woman will be able to spot the ruse instantly! Instead, use pictures of girls you’ve been intimate with and who actually like you.

Quality of your profile pictures is important on Seeking Arrangement

OK Cupid once did a study on the effect that the quality of profile pictures had on perceived attractiveness. They found that profile pictures are perceived as more attractive when the picture is taken with a high-quality camera. They even mapped out the data on a graph. Here are the findings :

photo attractiveness by camera class

The difference is much more obvious when you see an example side by side. Check this out:

photo attractiveness comparison

It’s pretty obvious when you see it laid out like this. Just for completeness, I took a photo of myself with my low-quality android phone, then with a mid-tier Panasonic SLR camera. You can see the difference is quite dramatic.

pic of me comparison

Now clearly when you are as ugly as I am, it’s hard to look good in pictures. Try to ignore my hideous appearance though, and focus on the quality of the image (I know the lighting is worse in 1 picture, but you can still see the difference in quality).

Conclusion: Use a good quality camera for your pictures. Get a friend or even a professional to take some photos. It will make a dramatic difference to how attractive you are perceived on the Seeking Arrangement Site.

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My Example Profile Heading And Pictures

seeking arrangement example profile heading

Let’s just whizz through why I chose these particular profile pictures:

  • Main picture of me standing next to a tank made in the Former Soviet Union. It’s full length and masculine looking, and I even touched up the photo a little to emphasise my beard! The picture was taken at a war museum in Chisinau, Moldova – so it also shows I am well travelled.
  • 2nd picture taken whilst I was filming a video on the beach in Malaga, Spain. Well travelled, luxurious and interesting lifestyle, likes beautiful places.
  • Picture of me delivering a presentation in front of other men. Demonstrates leadership qualities – a big female attraction switch.
  • Picture of me with a hot girl. Preselection.
  • Picture of me with a shaved head stroking a gorgeous big St Bernard. The juxtaposition of the masculine look with the shaved head, but stroking a big dog gently. An interesting mix for a woman.
  • Selfie pulling a daft face. Sense of humour.

When you take care like this on your profile, you can definitely meet very attractive women on Seeking Arrangement for a normal, non-transactional relationship. The trick is to present yourself correctly. I recommend you sign up now using the button below, save this page, come back and implement all of these suggestions!

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Further Seeking Profile Photo Tips

Researchers at ST&T research in the Netherlands investigated how different features of an image can affect the perceived desirability of a match when using Tinder. Here is a summary of their findings :

5 Rules For Top Dating Photos!
High contrast
Low noise
No other people
Close up photo
No sunglasses – this had the most drastic effect on the chance of match success

Here’s a couple of examples of the kind of pictures that embrace all of these best practices :

tinder profile examples

tinder profile examples 2

Other questions you may have:

Are Seeking Arrangement Fake Profiles A Problem?

No, not in my experience. I have recommended this dating site to hundreds of guys, and I’ve never heard any complaint about fake profiles on the site. In fact, the seeking team are quite strict about who and what they will allow on their site. From their terms and conditions :

“Please review this Agreement carefully, including the Acceptable Website Use provision, which PROHIBITS ANY UNLAWFUL USE OF THE SITE, INCLUDING ESCORTING, PROSTITUTION AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING.”

Are Seeking Arrangement Profiles Public?

Your profile photos have 2 options: public and private. Public photos are visible to everyone logged in on the seeking arrangement site, but not to the general public. They cannot be crawled and indexed in Google or any search engine.

A general rule of thumb is to not use photos that you’ve used on other social media sites so that your membership cannot be tracked back to your real identity.


Seeking Arrangement is unquestionably the best sugar daddy site in the world. To repeat once more: you can meet very attractive women for a normal relationship using this dating site if you approach it correctly. Follow these tips here and you will be well on your way.

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