Seeking Arrangement Review | Best Sugar Daddy Site In 2021

Seeking Arrangement ( is a sugar baby dating website that has been on top of the list of every dating expert. With over 10 million users worldwide, this platform connects sugar babies with sugar daddies looking for relationships on their own terms.

The dating site has so far done wonders for sugar babies looking to fulfil their financial needs and sugar daddies looking for caring partners. However, there have also been misconceptions surrounding it because it promotes sugar dating.

Whether you want to believe in the misconceptions or not depends entirely on you, but you cannot deny the site’s success rate. According to the claims of the company, members of Seeking Arrangement find their partners in just the first five days! That sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Sign Up For A Free Trial Account Now has been instrumental in helping generous sugar daddies and mommies find companions. Moreover, it has helped ambitious and attractive young men and women live the life of their dreams.

Wanna know more about this exciting online dating community? Read our full review to find out why it’s the best and beats every other sugar dating site.

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Is This The Best Dating Site For Men In 2021?

All the unique features you need!

According to many customer reviews, Seeking Arrangement suggests you the most suitable sugar daddy or sugar baby. With some excellent features in store for you, the company makes sure that members find their ideal and genuine match ASAP! So, what are these special features anyway?

  • 4 Times More Sugar Babies Compared To Men
  • Unlike most normal dating sites, there are on average 4 times more women than men on seeking arrangement. You will be spoilt for choice!

  • No fuss registration
  • Whether you’re signing up at as a sugar daddy or sugar baby, the registration process takes about 3 minutes. If you would like to use your other social media account for signing up, that’s possible too. Sign up using Facebook or your email and start your membership right away for free.

  • Sugar baby and sugar daddy perks
  • If you’re signing up as a sugar baby with your college email ID, your account gets upgraded to premium membership free of charge! As for sugar daddies, you can avail yourself of a diamond membership that will rank you on top whenever sugar babies look for a match.
    This VIP feature allows to verify your net worth exclusively and actively promote your profile to sugar babies.

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  • Privacy at your fingertips
  • At, you don’t have to worry about your privacy. You can adjust your profile and photo gallery private in the settings. Show your photos to only those matches you trust. A little bit of a tease hurts nobody!

  • Free messaging
  • Once the team at Seeking Arrangement approves your profile photo, you can start messaging for free. If you don’t want to upload your profile photo yet but still be able to chat, you can upgrade to premium to access messaging options.

  • Video calls
  • also allows its members to video chat which is again completely under the member’s control. So, the next time you’re ready to catch up with your sugar daddy or sugar baby in real-time without meeting them in person, hit the video chat option.
    One great option for all you introverts is that you can disallow your matches from sending you video chat requests.

  • Share Pictures and GIFs
  • Most dating sites don’t allow private picture sharing options, but does! With the picture-in messaging feature, you can now share pictures and make your conversations much more interesting. But wait, this feature doesn’t end here.
    If you’re not comfortable sharing photos yet, you can still keep the conversation engaging. How? Seeking’s app allows you to exchange funny and adorable GIFs with your match. A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if the picture is animated? We believe, worth a million smiles!

  • Gift your sugar babies
  • Sugar daddies, if you want to prove you mean business and you’re not here to waste time but simply to spoil your sugar baby, Seeking gives you a great option to do so. At the ‘Gift Wishlist’ section, select and buy some amazing gifts put together by your sugar baby on her wish list and ship it to her with your first message. What could be a better way to impress a lady?

  • Filter search
  • One of the best ways to find your perfect match is by filtering all your needs at one go instead of going through every profile one by one. Seeking Arrangement makes this process easy for you with its search filters. You can easily filter out a search by location, distance, lifestyle, age, height, education, body type, language, and many more preferences.

  • Blog
  • For newbies and those who want to become experts at sugar dating, provides a range of blogs and articles. You can read up articles related to first-time dating ideas, how to find the right partner, getaway trip ideas, and so on.

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Why is Seeking Arrangement great for men? does not encourage men who sign-up for pay per meet or transactional relationships. This site is a perfect place for men who want to share their luxuries and life’s achievements with someone they can trust and build deep connections with. If you’re one of those guys, you’re at the right place to find your sugar baby or babies.

Also, the number of female members vs. male members at Seeking Arrangement is a great reason for you to join the dating site. The stark difference between the two genders, i.e., four times more women than men, provides more options for you than a woman looking for men. Another reason is a better choice for men is that you can have as many as four sugar babies as a sugar daddy. It means you get a chance to generously share your wealth, experiences and build connections with multiple babes!

Here’s one more take. Having a good net worth increases prospects for sugar daddies on This is why younger men who do not have a high net income are limited to vanilla dating sites. This lessens the competition for wealthy men. So if you’re a potential sugar daddy with a hefty bank balance, no place is better for you than

Security and confidentiality

With all the great perks that Seeking Arrangement (SA) offers, there will always be security concerns in the back of users’ minds. Since online dating apps are vulnerable to malicious activities such as human trafficking and fraud, there’s always a threat.

This is why Seeking commits to take strict actions towards any offenders by blocking them and reporting them to law enforcement authorities through its anti-human trafficking strategies. Independent third-party organizations train the staff at along with 24-hours active customer service to protect its users. Furthermore, a robust AI technology regularly checks users’ profiles to look out for any suspicious practices. These monitoring activities reduce the chances of offenders committing crimes on the dating platform.

Many people believe sugar dating is a foul concept, thus painting a wrong image about In fact, the company has explicitly stated that this is a dating site, and is not engaged in any shady activities. So you can be assured that you can meet a normal woman for a normal relationship on this site.

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Me With A Girl I Met Off The Site

A major security step that the company takes is taking down photos and profiles of those users found phishing or impersonating. To prove your authenticity, you can also avail a security feature that allows a third party to check your background, earning you a verified badge.

Apart from all of the safety actions mentioned above, Seeking Arrangement also reserves the right to use your personal information to block scammers, investigate online crime, provide security alerts, and improve its services. The company does not sell or share your personal information with a third party unless the purpose is for carrying out the company’s services.

Rest assured, does a commendable job when it comes to the safety, security, and confidentiality of its users.

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Easy to use makes it convenient for you to browse through the site with advanced features and a simplistic look. In addition, the mobile app also has a minimalistic user interface that will allow you to browse your matches seamlessly. Once you complete signing up and creating your profile, a dashboard opens up, showing you matches based on your arrangement expectations and preferences. You’re going to be left quite impressed by this site’s simple and easy approach.

Lots of attractive females to choose from

One thing that surprises us is the number of females who sign up at As mentioned previously, there are four times more women than men on this sugar dating site. This means there are plenty of fishes in the pond, and not just regular fishes, some really attractive ones! You meet women from various backgrounds with specific needs from college students to working women and even single moms. Whether you’re looking for Hispanic, Asian, Black, or Caucasians, you’ll never be short of any ethnicity.

One of the biggest pros of this site is the quality of women. A lot of serious women looking for exactly what they want sign up for membership here. They are strong, open-minded, and independent women who want the possibility of a glamorous lifestyle with the man of their dreams. Some young women also fund their college tuition fees through Seeking Arrangement’s sugar daddies. Since the girls are super friendly and make great companions, sugar daddies generously offer to shell out for their educational needs.

However, if you actively browse the site for matches, you will notice that not all women or sugar babies want financial assistance. Some just sign up to find a partner for whom they want to be emotionally available and vice versa. All they crave is good companionship and no material benefits.

If you’re somebody looking for such women, you don’t have to go anywhere else because Seeking Arrangement has women like that as well.

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Get into a serious relationship

Like mentioned earlier, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry signing up for a sugar dating website looks for casual relationships. Of course, dating involves strong opinions of both parties with terms and conditions, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a short-term association. If you have a charming personality and a unique aura that attracts people’s souls, you have a good chance of getting into a serious relationship with your sugar daddy or mommy.

As for a sugar daddy, it isn’t easy for you to make your sugar baby fall for you unless you have a strong game. Fortunately for you, the competition on the Seeking Arrangement site is practically non-existent. Most guys on the site email the women and ask “how much”, or some similarly asinine variant.

If you have reasonable social skills, you can meet attractive women for dates very easily on this site.

Overall best dating site for men in 2021

There is no denying that the site functions on one concept – allowing its members to choose between successful members and charming members based on their desires. However, the benefits exchanged between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby remain personal.

Whether the partners want financial, physical, or emotional benefit from the relationship depends entirely on them. You can discuss your relationship expectations, terms, and conditions privately on the site and go ahead with the Arrangement if both of you fulfil those. No interruptions, no judgments! And honestly, that’s the best thing about

Bottom line

After our extensive research and review, there’s only one thing that we can say about Seeking Arrangement – The Best. Packed with women who are ready to offer caring friendship and men who want to generously fulfil all her needs, this site is the perfect meeting place for all your sugar dating needs.

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