Seeking Arrangement What Am I Seeking ANSWER

Why The “What I Am Seeking” Part Of Your Seeking Profile Is Important

The section “What I’m Seeking” on your seeking arrangement profile is one of the most important of your entire profile, especially for a Sugar Daddy. This is where you can screen out Gold Diggers, and instead target the girls on the site who are looking for a more traditional relationship.

You must be clear about what you are seeking but hint at sufficient value to your potential match that she is willing to forget she is on a Sugar Daddy site, and instead be sufficiently intrigued to meet you, and potentially embark upon a normal relationship. Therefore you must be clear, direct and unambiguous in the “What I Am Seeking” part of your profile.

If you don’t, you run the risk of meeting with and potentially wasting time and money on girls who are only interested in the contents of your wallet.

what im seeking

This is one of the most important parts of a Sugar Daddys profile. So use it and avoid time and money wasting.

So what should you write here? Here are some examples of what you could write on your “What I am seeking” on your sugar daddy profile.

The straightforward approach

I understand how this works. I am older than you, I work, I have a responsible job and therefore earn more money. But I am only looking for girls who want a real relationship.

I am happy to pay for meals, take you out, take you on holiday. But I don’t want to ever think that you are with me simply because I am paying you. We must have a real attraction for each other.

If this works out, I am looking for a relationship for keeps, not just a weekend fling, and certainly not a pay per meet.

You’re on here for a reason: perhaps you’ve been hurt by a guy before who couldn’t commit to you. Well, I am ready – but only for the right girl.

So I am NOT offering an arrangement in the traditional sense but something much better: a long term relationship (possibly permanent if we’re both sure) where I will look after you, show you a good time, have a real attraction and spark and teach you all I know about life, business and anything else you would ever want to know.


I hope you get the point. This part of your profile should come from the heart, but you MUST get across that you are not looking for an arrangement. [NB If you are, this part is simple – just put down some humourous flippant remark or even a short statement of what kind of arrangement you are looking for]

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